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The difference between mask


Executive Standard

Application Place

Disposable mask

GB/T 32610-2006

Suitable for general environment. Covering the users mouth,nose and mandible to block the exhaled or ejected pollutants from the mouth and nose.

KN95 mask

GB 2626-2019

Suitable for the protection of respiratory infectious diseases that airborne transmission. filtration the particles in the air effectively.

Disposable medical mask

YY/T 0969-2013

Suitable for general medical environment that without body fluids and splashing

Disposable medical surgical mask


Suitable for medical staff wear during the invasive operation. Covering the users mouth,nose and mandible to prevent the spread of dandruff and respiratory tract microorganisms to surgical wounds,and prevent the body fluids of the patients from spreading to the medical staff. Play a part of two-way biological protection.

Medical protective mask(medical KN95)


Suitable for medical working environment, filtering particles in the air, blocking droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions.

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