How to maintenance gold plated jewelry?

Tip 1:Avoid contact with hard objects. Put the jewelry in a jewel box or suede bag when you don't wear it to prevent it scratch with other jewelry.

Tip2: When you ready to wear jewelry,if you have enough time,it’s better wipe it use a fine velvet cloth,so as to keep the jewelry shiny.During wearing don’t pull hard to avoid damage the jewelry.

Tip 3: Don’t place the jewelry in high heat condition to avoid jewelry deformation due to high temperatures.

Tip 4: Avoid chemical corrosion.
Take off the jewelry when bathing or swimming.
When you spray perfume or daub body lotion, please wear jewellery after drying.
If you sweat more,please clean jewelry with a soft cloth to avoid sweat corrosion jewelry.

Post time: Jul-08-2020