Tips for placing home crafts

Introduction:Home decoration is usually composed of sofas, tables and chairs, bedding, TV cabinets and other furniture.However, if there is no decoration or embellishment of home crafts, the home environment will be mediocre and ordinary. Therefore,home crafts are very important for home, it will delight the whole family and put you in a more warm and elegant environment. So,what are the home crafts ornaments? How to place crafts at home?

2.1 classification of home craft
Generally speaking, it can be divided into two sorts. One is for decoration, which is without practicality but beautiful. And some craft art value is very high, such as exquisite ancient porcelain, calligraphy and painting works, sculpture,etc. The second type is both have function of decoration and practicality, such as wine set, tea service, vase or art lamps and ,etc.

2.2 style matching
There are not necessary put many crafts in the home, but they must be excellent. So when you buy crafts, not only you need to choose your favorite, and the style is consistent with your home decoration, but also need exquisite workmanship, otherwise it will be lowered your room grade.

The collocate of crafts can’t be disordered,should be clear structured. Placing the high crafts inside and the low ones should be outside.You can use a mirror or color block as a background,but the background can't use showy decoration, otherwise it will be steal the show of crafts.

According to different rooms, choose the corresponding crafts. The crafts put in living room and study room should be steady,elegant and full of cultural arts. Also can combine your career or hobbies,if you are engaged in art,you can display you own paintings in the study. The bedroom is a warm and comfortable place,so you can decorate it with some decorative paintings,cloth arts and art lamp,etc.

Post time: Jul-08-2020